Woman in front of ring light and camera demonstrating how she uses Texture Theory Curl Refresher Spray

Texture Theory Provides Affordably Luxurious Textured Haircare

For women with naturally textured hair, finding hair care products made with wholesome ingredients while watching their wallets can be a challenge. Recognizing this, Cosmos Corporation has built on its legacy that started in human haircare to introduce Texture Theory, which launched exclusively in approximately 6,000 Dollar General stores in July 2022. Texture Theory providing luxurious haircare for curly, coily and kinky hair at an affordable price. See the full list of Texture Theory products below. Complete Textured Haircare On Any Budget “Consumers want textured haircare products they can trust to showcase every stunning strand read more…

Enticers dental cater line on a table with Barbecue wings and barbecue chicken.

TropiClean Enticers Makes Pet Dental Care Tasty 

For many pet parents, oral care can be a frustrating experience. The new product line introduction of TropiClean Enticers by Cosmos Corporation provides a wonderful example of how our team took an innovative, approach to develop a product that meets pet parent needs and helps to establish a healthy routine for dogs and cats.  Seeing a New Way to Serve Pets and Their Parents  Dental disease is one of the most common kinds of disease veterinarians see in dogs. In fact, it has been estimated that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will experience read more…

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